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Vendor Managed Inventory

Cooney Brothers provides our customers with a most valuable commodity: time.

If you're faced with the problem of having many miscellaneous plant responsibilities and little time to execute them, we offer a solution, our vendor managed inventory. We assume responsibility for your storeroom management, and we do it free of charge.

The program works as follows:
  1. We will clean, label and reorganize your storage bins or shelves in an orderly fashion.
  2. Using your min/max stocking levels for all inventoried items, we will provide you with a report of what needs to be replenished, and what items you are overstocked on. You'll have control of your inventory without the hassles of time consuming stock checks.
  3. After you've reviewed the shortage report and given your approval, we'll process your order, deliver it, and put away your stock. You won't have to call, fax , or e-mail your orders in, or worry about handling the material.
  4. This process will then be repeated at whatever interval is comfortable to you.
  5. Upon each visit, we will continue to keep your stocking bins organized and help maintain order in the stocking area. You'll always be able to find things, and your storeroom will always look great!
This service is a proven time saver. It will cut down on your small purchases, eliminate pickups for stockouts, and you'll no longer need to do inventory checks.

Please contact us to take advantage of this proven time and money saver.
About Us Products Custom Services News Contact Us