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On-Site Training

Cooney Brothers regularly promotes "Lunch & Learn" training seminars for our valuable customers. The variety of products and brands that can be presented in this format is extensive. If you're willing to gather your crew for an hour or two, we'll feed them and provide them with useful information. Some of these training seminars conclude with a certification test that attendees can take. And of course we always make ourselves available for follow up with your staff in your facilities so we can help you apply the newly-gained knowledge.

Cooney Brothers is also very proactive in presenting new products to our customers. We've enabled many facilities to complete their work quicker and more efficiently by making state-of-the art equipment available to them. An example of this would be the ProPress system for flameless joining of copper tubing systems. Many facilities in our region are reaping the benefits of ProPress, and saving significant amounts of time, all because Cooney introduced the system to them.

Are you looking to become aware of more efficient ways to get your work done and make your process systems operate more smoothly? Call Cooney Brothers! We'll provide training to your staff and introduce them to the most state-of-the-art products available.
About Us Products Custom Services News Contact Us